Golf Trucks have become an in-valuable tool for our customers. They are being used to shuttle people, pull orders, move boxes, move pallets, service large facilities, manage construction projects, run municipal operations, work distribution facilities and many more. Our customers love having the ability to change their deck attachments on the flatbed and have a universal truck. It is truly a multi-function vehicle for a fraction of other brands cost with reliability, durability and a nice, smooth, quiet ride.

Our users have become dependent on Golf Truck vehicles as they find increases in efficiency, productivity and reduced costs on maintenance compared to other vehicles. Learn more about each model below. We do offer fully custom builds shall you need something you do not see here. All of our electrical models come with a charger and are ready to go when delivered.

4 ft. Flatbed Truck- Our BEST value with a "Gator size" deck.  Deck size is 48" wide x 44" long. Includes charger.

4 ft. Stakebed Truck- Similar to the 4 ft. Flatbed Truck, with sides to contain merchandise you are hauling while navigating your facility. Deck size is 48" wide x 44" long. Includes charger.

6 ft. Flatbed Truck- One our most popular trucks! Deck size is 48" wide x 72" long. It offers a 97" wheelbase with a incredible turning radius. It features a low deck height for easy hand loading. Includes charger.

8 ft. Flatbed Truck- This is our most popular truck. It features the largest and lowest deck in the industry! Deck size is 48" wide x 96" long. It sits with a 117" wheelbase. Includes: charger, side stake pockets, back-up alarm, 1/4" lexan rear window, and headache rack.

8 ft. Truck with Adjustable Racks- Deck size is 48" wide x 96" long. It sits with a 117" wheelbase. This model features adjustable plant racks to double your productivity if you're in the business of flowers or shrubs. Many other uses with this utility truck. Includes charger.

8 ft. Stacked Bed Truck- This rig features a stacked bed which comes in handy for hauling landscaping product, plumbing, irrigation, electrical and more. Deck size is 48" wide x 96" long. It sits with a 117" wheelbase. Includes charger.

Mobile Produce Stand- This truck makes displaying product easy! It features five (5) 8 ft. display shelves, two sets of rear locking doors, a huge rear storage area with enough room for four (4) bushel baskets (plus various smaller boxes), and a flip down work station at rear. Inquire about optional shade canopy.  Available for 6 ft. and 8 ft. trucks. Includes charger.

Mobile Service Truck- This awesome service truck features two tier shelving and lockable doors on all three sides. Be ready to go wherever repairs are needed with the peace-of-mind that the tools you need are secure and available at a moments notice!  The roof rack is optional. Includes charger.

Snowplow Truck- Set-up with a 52" angle adjustable, electric lift, this truck will push 10" plus of snow with rear grips and some weight in the back. This Golf Truck will easily push more snow then a quad-runner with snow blade while giving you more protection from the elements. Available options are heated seats, cab enclosure, reese hitch, and salt spreader. Includes charger.

4 Ft Base Truck with Folding Rear Seat- If your loads weigh less than 300 lbs. and you need room to carry more then 1 person, our flip seat model is the answer.  It's a four passenger people hauler. Great for showing guests around and smaller hauling jobs. Flip the rear seat over on this four person truck and you have a haul deck capable of 300 lb. loads. Includes charger.

Golf Trucks Base Model-  This cart is the model that we typically use as a base for all of our custom truck builds. Learn more about the specs for this impressive, durable and well-built vehicle here. Includes charger.

Custom Branded Trucks-  We do custom. This Harley Davidson branded 6' truck is just one example. We love to build tricked out golf carts branded and tailored to your interests. Let's discuss some ideas. Includes charger.

People Mover- An amazing, multipurpose vehicle. This is a very popular truck. Deck size is 48" wide x 96" long. It sits with a 117" wheelbase. Seats are easily set on in sections and eight bolts hold it together. Passengers face outward for easy on/off with better viewing and more leg room than other designs. Includes charger.

U-Pick Shuttle Truck- Available in two standard models; 6 ft. with seating for six (6) and 32" of shelving or an 8 ft. truck with seating for six (6) and 48" of shelving. Includes charger.

Customer Transporter with Rack- This truck offers the most front and rear leg room. Available with a 4 ft. box or adjustable plant shelves. Pull orders with customers, carry the crew and tools in the nursery, give tours, and much more. Includes charger.

We are a custom shop. The above are some of our most popular models. Don't see something of interest? Give us a call or email!