Golf Trucks enable you to move flowers or plants all week, give tours on weekends, service your facility during off-peak hours and move cases or pallets. Move more people and product thru your business with our utility vehicles. Our low cost, flexibility and efficiency will help you put your business in growth mode and get you producing quicker. With this in mind, we designed a line of deck bodies can quickly convert the flatbed into a specific use vehicle. These are engineered to be simple, quick and temporary. Some of the options include:

  • Plant picking racks for nurseries

  • A mobile produce stand

  • Adjustable flower racks for greenhouses

  • Service body

  • People movers

All of these can be accommodated with a flatbed truck, These are truly multi-purpose utility vehicles.

Golf Carts have been manufactured for over fifty years. Golf Course owners depend on them to produce their income and trust the reliability that golf carts have come to be known for. We convert refurbished, late model vehicles that typically have less then 2 years run time on them. Parts and service are available nationwide and all drive components remain standard equipment.

Golf Trucks can be this year’s capital investment and will illustrate a quick ROI. We are the dependable utility vehicle solution to move goods faster, move people faster, service your facility more efficiently and all with a quiet, smooth, reliable ride tailored to your needs.

Our lead times typically run 30 days and we build to your specific needs. Call Golf Trucks today for a free quote! Contact us here.