The Perennial Farm needed to be able to maneuver around the farm with a light weight vehicle for pulling orders. In addition, we wanted to minimize stops back and forth while maximizing load times for material. Our new Golf Truck with it’s 8ft. deck and adjustable flower racks enabled us to pull orders in one trip throughout our facility. The ease of operation and maneuverability make the use of the Golf Truck very efficient and simple. Our Golf Truck has proven to be a great asset for our farm.
— Richard Watson, Owner, The Perennial Farm, MD
We like the ease and quietness and the smooth ride when operating the Golf Truck. We also like the cargo volume with our five shelf rack system which accommodates eighty 10/20 flats. Shelves are adjustable for different heights as needed. Our truck is used to convey plants from transplanting area to the off site growing areas and back to the retail area which ranges about a quarter mile. We use it for fall mum production as well. It halls about 250 five quart mum pots per load. We discovered the Golf Truck in grower magazine. After discussing all the potential uses, we purchased the utility vehicle and it has exceeded our expectations. We love it!
— Steve Showalter, Owner, Overgrown' Greenhouses, VA
Having the ability to have a custom Golf Truck made to fit our needs at the racetrack has made a huge difference in our efficiencies. We are now able to move all of our gear for the pits in one load with our team. We have gained time and productivity which is key in racing. We have several Golf Trucks at our facility now and there will be more to come. Keep up the good work Golf Trucks!
— Raymond Sjolseth, Owner, 0-Sixty Motorsports, IL