Electric Golf Trucks

We typically build electric powered golf trucks over gasoline powered vehicles, however both have their place. Let's get started with electric utility vehicles. Electric Golf Trucks offer efficiency, monetary savings, cost of ownership is typically less, maintenance is simple, have a quiet ride and are environmentally friendly. These are all important things to consider. Here are some highlights:

  • Convenient: Use it all day, plug it in at night. The included charger that plugs into any standard 120V outlet will shut off automatically when the vehicle is fully charged.
  • Easy to operate: Forward/stop/reverse with the flip of a switch.
  • More torque: Electric motors apply full torque with acceleration.
  • Reliable: No spark plugs and less moving parts
  • Quiet: Easily have conversations or manage phone calls
  • Run time: No re-fueling. Our trucks run a full-days work.
  • ZERO emissions: Perfect for interior use, public spaces or more crowded facilities.

Gas Golf Trucks

Gas trucks work well when the utility vehicle may not finish the day in the same location. They are typically more expensive to acquire and more expensive to convert to a Golf Truck. Here are some of our thoughts on gas based utility vehicles:

  • Power: Gas Golf Trucks generally have a little more power for tougher terrain or hill based areas.
  • Fuel: Gas vehicles do not need to be recharged; they can simply be refueled.
  • Maintenance: Gas based utility vehicles are more maintenance.
  • Noise: unlike electric trucks, gas vehicles are noisy.
  • Regulations: Depending upon use, regulations may not allow gasoline powered vehicles.

At the end of the day, we will consult with you and ensure your choice is what best gets the job done you are looking to do. Please contact us to help build your custom Golf Truck.